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Why thequran.life?

Sometimes life just gets tough. We find ourselves rushing through school or work or trying to support others. Despite our hectic schedules, it just feels like we did not accomplish much. We feel empty inside even though we seem full of life to others; things just do not go as planned. And then someone comes along and tells us to meditate, that it worked for them and they are happier now. We have friends tell us they know how we feel, but really no one does!
SO without ranting anymore about what you should try next, try and answer this.

Have you read the Quran? Seriously, have you?
Could your life change for the good, reading a text that was revealed over 1400 years ago?


My name is Abid Ishaq and I am a student of Al-Quran. Over the years, the Quran has helped changed my life for the good and I believe it has the power to light up your days and nights. This website is for students, working professionals, housewives, and oh did I mention for those just trying to make it.
The thequran.life website is designed to nurture our innerselves and spells out a greater purpose to live towards.

Welcome to this space! This is your comfort zone, whoever you are, wherever you are. Jump right in!


For Young Adults

There’s like a thousand things going on with school and friends around us. Not being heard can get pretty frustrating. Did you know there is someone who is always ears? Yes, the One who created us and everything around us never sleeps. Would you like to speak and always have Allaah (subHanahu wa t’aala) closely listen to every word you say? Now that’s a strong du’a (supplication).

So where to start?
This is a two-way street. You must listen in order to be heard! To listen means to spend time in the way that pleases Allaah (subHanahu wa t’aala). The more you please Allaah (subHanahu wa t’aala), the more your du’a will be listened to.

And there is nothing more pleasing than reading the Quran and living according to it. Did you know that is how the last Prophet MuHammad (SallAllaah u ‘alayhi wa aaleehe wa Sallam) actually lived? And he accomplished the impossible!

There’s a cool idea on how you can please Allaah (subHanahu wa t’aala). How about reading the Quran so you can actually practice it? It would be much better than just reading without knowing what is being read.

So, choose a Surah and if you really like it then how about memorizing it so you can relate to it and read it from your memory wherever you are.

For Working Professionals

Work, work and work; that sounds like me.I could really use the Quran to unload; after all, there is so much happening at work, home and everywhere in between.

That peace of mind, that feeling of satisfaction, what to do now…if only I can make the Quran my companion. My days and nights would become more productive and that would just be wonderful for my career and family life!

The challenge!

How do I take out time to read the Quran and set my priorities through it?

What if there were 5-minute audios that took me through a Surah? 5 minutes that I could relate to my day and night and let the Quran grow in me. Now that would be more interesting to post than a lot of my shares that just get my friends to smile for a second.

Come start experiencing those 5-minute sessions of spirituality. By the way, for some they make an excellent listening when commuting from and to work.

Why TheQuran.Life?ENROLL TODAY

For Home Makers

Expectations! No Gratitude! Frustrations! It happens to all of us.

By defining goals and things that matter, you can empower yourself and everyone else who consistently seeks your support at home.

Being connected with the Quran lightens up those daily chores and enlivens the house.Just imagine, feeling close to your Creator during daily chores! Yes, the Quran can open the door for you.

Come join a Quran group and encourage your friends. Initiate and be the first one to reap in the rewards.

Why TheQuran.Life?ENROLL TODAY


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